Check out this trailer for The Rise and Fall of The Clash

Few bands personified an era of music than London England‘s own The ClashThey were a progressive punk band that had a knack for staying in the appropriate vein and unlike hardcore punk bands, managed to not piss any one off. They were the Green Day of their time, I’m sure I’m gonna catch it from the purist, but let’s be honest their first U.S. hit Rock The Casbah was hella crossover and a far cry from what we were hearing from bands like The Ramones or The Sex Pistols. For some, this may have been frowned upon, but a hits a hit in my book. Try comparing some of what progressive punk bands were doing then to what’s happening now and you can’t. In fact name me one new punk band out there or at least mainstream punk rock. Um Green Day. I’m loosing focus, this post is about an interesting new trailer I found trolling Boing Boing tonight. It features tons of interviews with former members of The Clash and friends and footage from shows plus a bit of the ol behind the scenes. Don’t know if a retrospect about The Clash was warranted, but it’s always nice to return to the classics especially considering how the music game has chained exponentially leaving gaping holes for mediocrity to violate and rape our ear holes from here on out. Enjoy!

The Rise and Fall of the Clash features previously unseen footage of the band at work and at play, interviews with the individual band members and with those who knew them well, and traces the downward trajectory of a band who were at one point “the biggest band in the world.” This is not a film that pulls any punches, but neither does it overlook the life-changing effect that The Clash brought to so many. Over 90 minutes it paints the fascinating inside story of rival, treachery and betrayal, and the internal band dynamics and managerial interference that ultimately led The Clash to self-destruct.

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