Trailer for “Room 237” documents the urban legends behind the making of Stanley Kubricks “The Shining”

I regard The Shining as one of the best horror films ever made. Stanley Kubrick’s cleverly crafted horror, although not completely true to the Steven King novel, is a classic in it’s own right and hands down one of the most unsettling flicks I’ve ever seen. That’s why it’s imperative for those of us who watch this film religiously, to watch this documentary. Room 237 directed by Rodney Ascher (The S from Hell) and distributed by Metrodome, is an attempt on his part to delve into some of the symbols and signs that surrounded the making of this film. Okay here’s a warning, the trailer doesn’t show much by way of actual footage, but according to those who have seen the film at Sundance and Cannes, it is loaded with actual footage from the set during the shoot back in 1980. Incidentally there is another amazing documentary about the making of The Shining done by Kubricks daughter Vivian, that’s floating around on youtube. It too chronicles the craziness, that was the making of this eerie film, and it’s loaded with some of the best candid moments from the cast I’ve ever seen.

ROOM 237 is a subjective documentary feature which explores numerous theories about Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” and its hidden meanings.  This guided tour through the most compelling attempts to decode this endlessly fascinating film will draw the audience into a new maze, one with endless detours and dead ends, many ways in, but no way out.  Discover why many have been trapped in the Overlook for 30 years.

Don’t know if the film goes into the whole mystery about the Overlook Hotel, which by the way was not the hotel they ended up shooting at, but the Timberline Lodge, Mount Hood, Oregon. Another little fact is that all the interior shots were done on a set built especially for this film, in fact the snake tomb from Raiders Of The Lost Ark was Jack Torrance‘s typing room before it became the bain of Indy’s existence. Unfortunately the set was lost in a fire. Room 237 was recently screened at Fantastic Fest and NYFF to rave reviews and will be distributed on cable through IFC.

Metrodome Distribution: Website

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