M83’s video for “Wait” begs the question “when are we gonna get a movie?”

M83Wait_ban_home_featureIn what is obviously a continuing story, directors Fluer and Manu do it again with this groundbreaking and inspired video for M83’s song “Wait” off their “Hurry Up, Were Dreaming” album. If you’ve been following the M83 videos, you know all about theses young ESPer’s (psychics) and their plight to understand their role in the universe. Well in this video, at least one of them, learns what that is. In what could best be described as a blend of Stanley Kubrick‘s 2001, Madonna’s Frozen” video and9666933d6f46e1693f01fc606e9376b7 Darren Aronofsky‘s The Fountain, “Wait” pushes more art than the pop in this piece. The two main characters are the same from the previous videos. The girl, you might remember, was the strong ESPer subjected to brutal government experiments in M83’s video “Reunion”. She’s seen in this one undergoing some spiritual right of passage. Her journey from the streets to the desert and eventually to a secluded mountain side, seems to coincide with our boy character. The boy, who played an equally strong ESPer and government threat in “Reunion”, is millions of miles in space doing his best Dave Bowman in the last twenty minutes of 2001, routine. While all this is going on, a black triangle (total monolith metaphor from 2001…yet again) floats in space, symbolizing this unifying connection the two have with this supposed interstellar grand design. The series of images, along with the music, builds to a breathtaking ending that asks a whole new set of questions. Questions that are best answered in a feature length film..duh.

The video is definitely a MoMa installment, but done with care and understanding of it’s source material so as not to come off trite or mundane. I for one hope they continue with this storyline and eventually give us a box set or something.

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