MS MR drops new video for “Fantasy” off their upcoming album Second Hand Rapture

PIGmag-ms-mr-2Brooklyn based band MS MR (Ms.Vocals Lizzy Plapinger/Mr.Music Max Hershenow) has been one of those bands I’ve had my eye on since they dropped their hypnotic tune and equally hypnotic video “Hurricane” of their Candy Bar Creep Show EP back in July of 2012. The two have since signed a deal with SONY Records and are about to drop their debut album Second Hand Rapture that releases on May 14th 2013. The duo, mainly Lizzy’s vocals, have drawn comparisons to Bat for Lashes and although I love Bat for Lashes, I don’t hear them in MSMR. Okay if you’re talking about some of the ethereal shenanigans in BFL, then yes, but for me MSMR is original in that they are coming with a hint of power and a strange melancholia I’ve not felt since…Mazzy Star. It’s more shoe-gazey than this glitch-power-pop, in my opinion, but who the fuck am I. Anyway, checkout this new video for their single “Fantasy”, it’s not only a great fucking song, but there’s cheerleaders puking glitter and it don’t get much better than that. Here’s to MS MR’s continued success!

MSMR Official Site



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