MITNG reviews City In The Desert Vol#1 written and illustrated by Moro Rogers

In a world, where a pact between man and G-d has been broken, monsters are set upon humankind as punishment. In the midst of this chaos dwells a seemingly unscrupulous killer and his female, half animal, half human assistant, whom both have made a decent a living contract killing those beast who’ve become a bit more than a nuisance. We all love a good rogue story, Han and Chewie, Bonnie and Clyde you name it, people love to read about the lone warrior and his sidekick. There’s something about watching a protagonist “make it” in conditions where most would fail and City In The Desert fits well within those lines. Writer and illustrator Moro Rogers does this by taking the whole “let’s see what happens with our heroes this time” to interesting new heights. Her artwork has that 50’s action vibe, that was a bit unexpected, but I enjoyed. It’s simplicity meshes well with the simplicity of the desert. What I also enjoyed is not only does she mix elements of the fantastic into the storyline, she also delivers some serious morality tales. Maybe she’s a theologian?

Realizing that the story is intended to hurl us into a world where we as human’s are no longer at the top of the food chain, it leaves ones mind to wonder about. The monsters exist like metaphors complimenting the severe conditions on the barren dunes as the rules to survival are constantly changing given your prey or predator. As a vegan, my loyalties immediately lie with the critters, but great points are made on both sides as Irro (the hero) struggles with his role as killer. Remember that Star Wars reference I gave earlier? Well the story, although steeped in mysticism and fantasy, has some serious science fiction jumping off in the form of Irro’s mount. The beast has the body of a buffalo, but it’s head (which becomes detached from the rest of it’s body during the story) looks like some indigenous totem. Now I could speculate that the beast lives because some sort of spell, but this trade only lightly touches on it by explaining that the tech within the mount belongs to someone or something called Yatra. This Yatra also designed these enormously tall hammerheaded  (Star Wars reference…again) like monks who do the bidding of our, yet to be determined, villain Darga (Leader Of The Way Of Sacred Peace)

For a freshman achievement, Moro Rogers City In The Desert is an interesting read to say the least. There are a few funny moments in the story, but the stories morality tales and mysticism is heavy, so if your not into a certain level of introspection, this story is not for you. I feel as though the little humor we got from our hero and assistant are, but fleeting moments as the story get’s deeper and deeper. Many things are mentioned throughout CITD that are gonna need some explaining, but I’m in no hurry to have them revealed, given the story had enough in it to satisfy my appetite as I’m sure it will yours. I look forward to more from this writer and here’s to her continued success.

A monster hunter is suddenly out of a job when a religious sect supposedly rids the world of them, but is the sect’s noble deed too good to be true? Monster hunter Irro is perhaps the only person in Kevala making a good living. The city pays him and his tailed assistant, Hari, a bounty for each monster carcass they bring in. But one day a religious sect called The Way of the Sacred Peace comes to Kevala to solve the monster problem by capping the city’s Spirit Fountain. Out of a job with all the monsters gone, Irro and Hari are determined to prove that there is a more sinister plot behind the Sacred Peace’s plan.


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